principals of leadership

Three Personal Principles of Leadership …

I feel passionately about being a great leader for my family, my business and myself.  I don’t need to lead millions of people or even thousands.  I simply want to be a servant-hearted leader, help who ever I can, when I can and to give to the best of my ability in the moment.

These are the principles of leadership that I practice everyday.

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Force & Flow: How We Experience Personal Growth

Working with hundreds of people including six and seven figure earners along with my own personal journey, what I’ve found is that we experience personal growth in two ways, Force and Flow.

Force = the sucker punch, the surprise devastation…
Flow = the conscious effort, purposely seeking growth…

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force and flow


I’m forever grateful to have someone such as Jess Simonson in my life as a friend, a mentor, a sister. You are a blessing to so many and so many more will be uplifted by your voice of loving leadership. Boom!

Jason Legaard

Inspire The Fire